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Gold Fashion Group

Gold Fashion Group is an international company combining fashion, beauty, and technology.

With their international mindset, two businesswomen originating from Poland bring a lot of experience to the company.

Aleksandra Gomola and Renta Dudek have been managing their businesses together for over 20 years with excellent product and service reputations.

The company is based in Vienna, a beautiful European city known for its combination of business and quality of life.

In order to keep our clients up-to-date about new collections, products, and brands, the Company strives to increase their awareness of new brands.

The company manages four business units under one roof:

  • Trading and marketing.

  • Research and trends in fashion and beauty.

  • Technologies that support the fashion sector and generate value for customers.

  • Training & courses.

The company organizes daily international online sessions, life events, and women's parties that connect passionate people from around the globe to see new, high-quality products.

Brands in the fashion sector can work with Gold Fashion Group to promote their products across the border through strategic partners who are well-connected in the industry and fashion sectors.

We launched a VIP club that brings together people looking for knowledge, new products, and special events.

You can learn more about the Gold Fashion Group's events by visiting Gold Fashion Group from our website

We invite you to join our new WhatsApp group if you are interested in joining Gold Fashion Group Click on the Link

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