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Business Description

Verifyoo provides biometric authentication for mobile user verification in a secure and easy way without compromising user privacy. Verifyoo enables users to safely access their accounts and perform high-risk transactions without memorizing passwords and without compromising their privacy, since they do not provide sensitive data like fingerprints, face, or iris scans.

Business status & go to market

Verifyoo is a B2B company, targeting a fast-growing market that is expected to reach $20B by 2020. Verifyoo is in advanced commercial discussions and received initial pilot approvals from several large financial entities. The proceeds from the current round of investment will be used to accelerate the R&D and for completing at least two successful pilots to demonstrate market readiness to potential clients. 

Technology redefines level


Competetive Edge

Verifyoo has advanced technology that covers all aspects of identity management (login, account recovery, recovery from identity theft, fraud prevention). Other biometric security solutions that exist for online fraud issues do not account for all of these potential data breaches. Verifyoo’s BehavioMetric Protection Suite is an end-to-end solution covering login, account recovery, and fraud prevention risks by utilizing the unique way users interact with their mobile device and

analyze the data collected from the phone’s sensors using machine learning techniques. 


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