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ShieldIOT is the only solution today in the world that offers Coreset-AI anomaly detection for IoT networks.

Coresets are mathematical constructs that compress the data in real-time streaming mode, from 1 million to 20 data points (n to log(n)), with almost zero loss of energy.

By running coresets before the existing best of breed AI/ML anomaly detection algorithms, we enable reaching optimal results in minutes (vs. hours/days) as we are running on much smaller data.

These optimal results include significant lower false alarms levels as well as improved detection rates. Note that coresets can be used not just for anomaly detection but almost any type of analytics.

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one of the best companies that already invested by investor and closing the 8 million $ round 

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Competetive Edge

Today there are many good and available (off-the-shelf) artificial intelligence / machine learning anomaly detection algorithms.

The challenge that Shield IOT solve is that as IoT networks become larger and larger (reaching hundreds of thousands and millions of devices in grids, transport, cities...), sending all these masses of data to the cloud can significantly  impact costs and latency. Furthermore, applying these AI/ML anomaly detection algorithms on large datasets in the cloud can take hours and/or result in high levels of false alarms.

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8 illion $ looking for matching of 5 million$


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