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Business Description

Onvego offers innovative AI-based solutions and tools for the development of smart voice-controlled IoT devices, apps and voice services for interacting with users via natural language conversation. Onvego seeks to become the leading supplier of smart conversational solutions for Industry 4.0 with a focus on chosen industry sub-segments

General feedback -GVI

1. Even with the pandemic around - The company has more than double its income (2019-2020) and plans to keep that pace (2021)

2. The team is very experienced in the field of voice with proven technology for both offline (on device) and online (cloud) solutions.

3 The company has managed to convince strategic customers with big names such as: Schindler elevators,Rockwell, GE, RGIS, Elbit, IAF, and many others that it's technology is bringing high understanding scores in challenging environments including noise, accents and limited vocabulary.

4. The company is 6 years old - most of the time running on it's own sales (3 years as bootstrap)

5. Market - Booming market in the perfect timing. Raising money is mostly for marketing/sales activities

6. The company is in a very hot tech segment (Voice, AI, ML).

7. Similar companies are being acquired (Snap chat just acquired for 70M$)

Technology redefines level


Target investment

Looking to raise 3 Million $

Competetive Edge

Competitive advantages:

1. Bringing high accuracy voice solutions to IoT's with limited resources and computing power - Offline/On the edge

2. Hybrid mode for perfect performance of IoT in both online and offline environments.

2. Developed our own platform and set of tools for implementing end to end smart conversations solutions (including NLU, Dialog Management, ASR, VAD, training modules and more)

3. Algorithms for noisy environments

4.  Algorithms for specific accents and way of speech for personalization

5. Speech solution can be replicated to work on device, on cloud or over the phone (Call center)

Target investment

Raising 3 million$


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